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Message from President Autoglass Co., Ltd. President Masashi Hatoh

Autoglass Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 as "Tokyo Autoglass Co., Ltd.". After Tokyo Autoglass foundation, we established other 6 Autoglass companies in totally 7 regions across the country.

In 2004, 7 regional Autoglass and 1 logistics company "PSC Company" were integrated as "Autoglass Co., Ltd."

We have been consistently responsible to deliver automotive replacement glass to every vehicle users nationwide.
I believe automotive glass (front windshield, side glass, rear glass and roof glass) is very important component for the vehicle, in order to realize comfort and safety for passenger, from wind, rain and gravel.

Autoglass delivers the products of "AGC (known as "Global No.1")" group companies to automotive users in the country.

We target to become "the most trusted car window supplier" to customers.

I would very much appreciate to become your sustainable supplier.

Management policy

Our employees in Autoglass Co., Ltd. are united as one; we hold consideration for safety and the environment. Each one of us works lively and vigorously while observing the rule of law and society, contributing more to customer satisfaction and expectations.

Our lives today as well in the future, cars are bound to be a necessity, regardless if it affects us directly or indirectly. As a member of the AGC Group, we are responsible for manufacturing high-quality, low-cost automotive glass, quick delivery system and consistent distribution of reliable and safe products to our customers. We also extend efforts to contribute to society by helping in implementation to safe driving and better car life experience.

We are experts in wholesale and distribution of automotive glass.

We are experts of automotive glass for more than 50 years. Autoglass Co., Ltd. holds solid experience and access to full range of high-quality and low-cost, genuine products exclusively supplied by AGC Group.

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