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Business Overview

Wholesaling of Automotive and Industrial glass, related products and etc.

We supply high-quality glass for various kinds of vehicle, adhesive, accessory and tools necessary for glass installation.

Automotive glass Bus glass Glass for construction vehicle

Autoglass Co., Ltd. delivers automotive glass to car manufacturers' network as a wholesale distributor

Also Autoglass Co., Ltd. works as a delivery agency, transporting genuine automotive glass (windshield, side glass, rear glass and etc.) to fitters/ retailers and car manufacturers' network all over Japan. We extend our efforts just to offer you the quickest and the most reliable delivery route system with minimal cost.

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Coolverre's Features

Incresed comfort by cutting both IR&UV.


Keep the cabin cool and improve fuel efficiency.

By cutting Mid-infrared rays (IR) from the sun, temperature increase inside the cabin is suppressed and the following advantages can be attained:

  1. Reduction of thermal load on the vehicle
    • Reduce air-conditioning usage → improved fuel efficiency
    • Lower temperature rise inside the cabin and steering wheel
      → enhance interior lifetime and uncomfortable feelings
  2. Improvement of comfort for passengers
    • Shorten the time to cool down inside the cabin
    • Relieve skin burn feelings by cutting direct sun light
    • Protect passengers' skin from not only IR but also UV rays

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Glasspit - Business Overview

Automotive glass professional shop "Glasspit" is a joint cooperation of glass retailers and glass fitters along with AGC Inc. - Autoglass Co., Ltd. We operate as a network business, aiming to establish as a business model for consumers as they acquire major accounts (non-life insurance and car accessory shop).
Along with the glass retailers and glass fitters united, we have Japanese talent Mr. Ryuta Mine as a mascot helping in our efforts to promote and raise awareness of "Automotive glass Professional Shop".

Glasspit network also support auto glass installation.

Automotive glass repair and replacement services are available at about 300 business locations nationwide, corresponding with networked automotive glass professional shops.

Glasspit Headquarters     Glasspit dealers
Planning and Development Team Call Center   Glasspit dealers
Planning and Development Team Call Center    

As for repair and replacement of automotive glass, we are proud of our connection to top level automotive glass fitters with selection of excellent technique and service. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Glasspit image character Mr. Ryuta Mine
Glasspit Website

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